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With Micronet's unique features like Fiber to home technology, you will be the receiver of 10-100 times more active connectivity! This is the same technology experienced by leading industries in Haryana! And now, thanks to Micronet's innovative team, it’s feasible for you to experience the opportunity!

Micronet is a modern and growing venture-backed by one of the oldest and trusted broadband service providers in Haryana. Our expert staff has helped us accomplish unrealistic goals in a short time.


The best connection you can count on

Micronet broadband service is here to give hassle-free, connectivity-oriented broadband service, necessitated serving the best of according to patron’s interests. Micronet Broadband guarantees you that our arrangements have been customized to suit the necessities of clients, with the weaving of a complete model with cutting edge technology and an empowered staff to feed the developing internet needs in the city of Haryana.

Micronet recommends that our customers take ample benefit of the broadband a cakewalk while availing the best advantages.

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50 Mbps means 50 Megabytes per second. this means that you can download a 1 GB file in less than 10 seconds.  


100 MBPS

100 Mbps internet offers 12.5 MB/second transfer rates. Equal upload speeds are provided by a fiber-optic internet connection. 


300 MBPS

300Mbps converts to around 35MB/s downloading of files. Most servers can't actually give you that much bandwidth.  

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UP TO 20MB/s

Get discont 30% cut off

We have recently updated our broadband plans for different bandwidth and locations. Few of the primary locations where we are providing our services are RAJASTHAN and HARYANA.

Our broadband service becomes a global village for internet connectivity in Haryana. Our High-speed signals are transmitted through fiber optic glass wire in the shape of light. That's why it has the ability to carry a huge amount of information (data) in a quick time interval. It also holds various signals after giving the whole into multiple independent channels.

The most unique feature of our broadband connection is that it remains connected 24/7 hrs and still does not disturb the telephone line. You can easily locate the broadband through cable operatives. The primary characteristic is that it only uses the ISP number of the phone line without intruding on its own activity.

Our payments option is easily accessible through cash, cheque with our pick up facility or your debit/credit card through our online payment portal.


Our popular question

What are my speed options?

Your Internet usage will determine which speed will be best for your home or business. The number of devices, amount of streaming and downloading will all factor into the speed that you will need. For reference MICRONET recommends an Internet download speed of at least 5 Mbps to stream HD videos. Most Internet providers will offer several different speed options to the needs of their customers and ask them which option is the best for you.

Micronet is an Indian Internet Service Provider in Haryana offers secured broadband services for both individual and enterprise customers in Haryana.

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